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Ambassador Stevens 1776 Channel Collage

Ambassador was concerned about “why these radical groups were getting stinger missiles” through gun running program he was allegedly assigned to monitor

By Alan Jones

1776 Channel – Thursday October 30, 2014 – U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, who was killed during a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 12, 2012, was an intelligence officer working for the CIA claims alleged long-time CIA contract pilot Robert Tosh Plumlee.

“Stevens was a CIA. Stevens was monitoring operations for the CIA under the disguise of an Ambassador. In other words he was an intelligence officer. Do you understand what I just said? Dual role.” – Robert Tosh Plumlee

Mr. Plumlee made the statements during an October 27, 2014 interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report internet radio program.

“ What I just said, I hope somebody get off their butts in Washington D.C. and challenges me on that statement. That’s a fair question isn’t it? Because if they challenge me on that question it will open up everything, and if they issue me a subpoena I would be glad to honor that subpoena when that Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) goes hand and hand with me and raises the right hand, and I’ll raise my right hand, and I will repeat what I just told you if she will repeat what she knew at the time…Either she knew, or she’s incompetent…did she know, did she lie? Did she know and tell Congress and the Senate that she didn’t know, that her staff didn’t know?”

Mr. Plumlee alleges that Ambassador Stevens witnessed high impact weapons including humvees, tanks and stinger missiles falling into the hands of terrorists who were stealing them from Syrian rebels. Ambassador Stevens then attempted to blow the whistle on the stinger missile proliferation to State Department officials in Washington and to members of the Senate, but his written complaint memos went unanswered, Plumlee claims.

Ambassador Stevens “already knew about the gun running operation…he was sent over there to monitor it” for the CIA says Plumlee.

Mr. Plumlee also claimed during an interview last week on the Alex Jones Show that members of the Obama Administration “didn’t want to hear” reports from the U.S. intelligence community and NATO intelligence operatives that stinger missiles were falling into the possession of jihadists.

Stinger missiles in the hands of terrorists could bring down a U.S. or European airliner, and threaten coalition forces operating helicopters in the in Middle East.

Mr. Plumlee claims to have worked as a CIA contract pilot for decades, including during the Iran-Contra affair.

“If they want to put me in jail for what I just said, then bring me in front of a federal judge, because I’ll tell it to a federal judge.”

Mr. Plumlee stated on his Facebook page yesterday: Today. I was warned by the Department of Justice that I should, “… just shut up”.

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