Obama visited roommate’s family in India during mysterious 1981 trip to Pakistan

By Alan Jones | June 13, 2015


(1776 Channel) President Barack Obama’s former foreign student college roommate U.S. Ambassador to Belize Vinai Th‎ummalapally, who additionally holds the position of Executive Director of SelectUSA, a component of the International Trade Administration for the U.S. Department of Commerce, attended the grand opening of the controversial UAE Gulftainer (GT USA) Canaveral container terminal yesterday, along with the UAE’s ambassador to the U.S. and Crescent Enterprises CEO Badr Jafar.

1776 Channel has now established links between Gulftainer’s owners the Jafar family of UAE and Bill Clinton, in addition to now connecting GT USA Port Canaveral grand opening VIP guest Th‎ummalapally to Obama’s college years and Obama’s mysterious 1980 trip to Pakistan.

Ambassador Th‎ummalapally’s attendance was noted in a report by Space Coast Daily.

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  • mainemagpie

    Thummalapally was never Obama’s roommate, at Occidental or at any time in their lives. Thummalapally was roommates with Hasan Chandoo who was in the same class as Barbara Nichols-Roy at Occidental. Nichols-Roy and Thummalapally were both from India and hooked up thanks to Chandoo. Obama was hanging out at the library of Occidental where he met Chandoo and Wahid Hamid both of whom were from Karachi, Pakistan, thanks to his first year roommate Imad Hussein.

  • Only a communist would mediate the truth… and that’s a provable fact… https://jamessssmith.wordpress.com/2015/04/04/john-woodman-an-epilogue/

    • HistorianDude

      I do not believe that I have ever read a dumber comment in my life.